Before travelling to the Republic of Serbia, please check here whether you need a visa.

Travel plan

  1. Fly to Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport (IATA: BEG).
  2. Take a bus (1 hr) or taxi (30 min) to Belgrade Bus or Train station.
  3. Take a bus or train to Valjevo.
  4. Take a taxi to Petnica Science Center.
  • Please note that one Shuttle bus will be organized to transfer participants from the Airport to Petnica SC (free of charge) on Monday, October 15th (around 12 PM).
  • You can also take a taxi from the Airport to Petnica SC directly (costs approximately 50 EUR one way).

Bus (Airport-Belgrade City center)

  • There is a direct bus (No. 72) from the Nikola Tesla Airport to the City center.
  • Belgrade city public transport BusPlus is provided through a network of bus, trolleybus and tram routes run by GSP "Beograd" and bus services operated by private bus companies, on around 130 routes.
  • Single tickets can be bought: in public transport vehicles, from the driver or conductor, at kiosks marked with a ticket sales sticker,at GSP points-of-sale. You can find more information here.
  • Paper card (most suitable for tourists) costs 89 rsd (0.75 EUR) and you can drive with that card 90 min on all lines (for 1st or 2nd public transportation zone). If you buy a ticket on the bus a card cost – 150 rsd (1.30 EUR).
  • All buses depart from the designated area on the inner curbside of the arrivals level of the main terminal building.

Taxi (Airport-Belgrade City center)

  • You can also take a taxi.
  • Price Airport-City Centre: around 20 EUR, depending on travelling time and the amount of luggage.

Bus and train to Valjevo

  • Take a bus to Valjevo from Central Bus station. You can see the timetable here.
  • Train to Valjevo departs from Central Belgrade Train Station Prokop. Find the timetable here.

Valjevo to Petnica

  • Take a taxi outside Valjevo Bus station (taxi costs around 5 EUR one way).