About Petnica SC

  • Petnica is situated in the untouched nature of western Serbia, only 90 km from Belgrade - the capital and largest city of Serbia.
  • Petnica SC has top-equipped cabinets and laboratories for chemistry, biochemistry, biology, physics, electronics, archeology and geology.
  • The construction of astronomical and climatological observatory is in progress.
  • Laboratories and cabinets in Petnica are multifunctional and flexible and enable young people to experience the scientific research and solve real research problems using modern and professional equipment.


  • Petnica SC has its own hotel-type accommodation. There are 14 single, 20 double and 28 triple bedrooms (138 beds in total) available in the dormitory building, which is connected to the main conference building by a covered walkway. The dormitory building has elevators and chill out/work rooms on every floor.
  • All rooms are with bathroom and air-conditioned.
  • The separate building in the campus includes a restaurant (250 seats), a café, and a small shop. The restaurant and café open up to a nice terrace overlooking the area. Special food requirements can be arranged in advance, after the registration is closed.
  • There is a sports and recreational facility nearby, with open air and closed swimming pools.
  • For extra nights accommodation please contact